QUIZ: See Which Of These Fits Your Personality!

The United States Armed Forces have more than a “wide-range” of aircraft at their disposal — there are so many different aircraft used by each branch of the military. Those range from jet fighters to bombers, transport planes to reconnaissance aircraft, and helicopters to drones. Each one serves a unique and particular purpose in the military, and they are so unique it’s almost as if they have their own personalities.

The United States Air Force has the largest fleet of aircraft in the military, for obvious reasons, but each branch has their own aircraft that they use in combat, rescue, aid, and training every single day, all over the world.

In this fun quiz, you can answer 10 questions about yourself and then find out which military aircraft fits your personality the best! Do you know military aircraft — and yourself — well enough to guess ahead of time? Or are you going to be surprised by the answer? Take the quiz and find out.

Don’t forget to post your results and share this with your friends too! Who knows if they’ll get the same answer as you!

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