Veteran’s Suspicious Death Linked To 10 Other Possible Homicides At VA Medical Center

82-year-old Army veteran Felix Kirk McDermott died at the Louis A. Johnson VA medical center. His family believes he was given a fatal dose of insulin.

“I thought my dad was safe there,” McDermott’s daughter, Melanie Proctor, told USA Today.

McDermott did not suffer from diabetes. He had never even been diagnosed with the disease. As authorities uncover more details about McDermott’s case, 11 more deaths at the medical center are starting to look suspicious.

One of the deaths has already been confirmed a homicide by the Armed Forces Medical Examiner. The claim McDermott’s family has prompted points to nine other patients who died from low blood sugar before April 9, 2018. VA employees were aware of all of them, the claim states.

Source: YouTube/CBS Pittsburgh
Army veteran Felix Kirk McDermott.

“Each of these nine or ten patients had received a large and wrongful injection of insulin in the abdomen that was neither ordered by a doctor or medically necessary,” the claim states.

McDermott’s family was never told about the sudden drop in blood sugar that led to his death, CNN reports. They only found out months later, when government investigators told McDermott’s daughter that her father’s was one of several deaths they believed were connected and, “not a result of natural causes.”

Source: YouTube/WPXI-TV News Pittsburgh
11 deaths are now being investigated at a VA hospital in West Virginia.

“If the medical examiner’s conclusion is correct, Felix Kirk McDermott was murdered while he was in the care and custody of of the Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center despite the VAMC being on notice of the previous wrongful injections,” the claim states.

Since McDermott’s death, another family has come forward alleging similar circumstances at the same VA. The Veterans Affairs Office of the Inspector General is now investigating the death of 81-year-old Air Force Veteran George Nelson Shaw.

According to CNN, Shaw was admitted to the VA feeling tired and dehydrated. Four days later, Shaw was dead. His blood sugar had plunged.

Source: YouTube/WPXI-TV News Pittsburgh
Veterans have been dying of fatal insulin doses not required or requested by a doctor.

“It started going back up and then it crashed again,” Norma Shaw, the veteran’s wife, told USA Today. “After that, he just went downhill. He couldn’t feed himself, he didn’t talk, he couldn’t go to the bathroom by himself.”

“This cannot happen to another family, ever,” daughter Linda Kay Shaw told USA Today. “It’s got to be stopped. Whoever’s accountable needs to be held accountable, and that goes all the way to the top.”

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