The Most Inspiring Police Officers. I’m Hugging The Next Cop I See!

Story #4: Alabama Egg Offering

In Tarrant, Alabama, Officer William Stacy was sent to confront a woman taking eggs from the Dollar General. When he discovered that she was shoplifting eggs to feed her grandchildren, Officer Stacy bought the eggs for her instead of arresting her. But the story didn’t end there. See what Officer Stacy and other officers of the Tarrant Police Department did to take kindness and generosity one important step further.

Story #5: Dinner for 22

After the tragic death of a young man on New Year’s day, 22 mourners went to a restaurant in Rockland, MA. But when they went to pay, they discovered that the bill (over $400) had been paid by an anonymous sympathizer. It has recently been revealed that this person was a local police officer who wants no recognition for his generous act. Hear from locals how this cop’s magnanimity affected their community.

Stories like this sprout up all over the country. So thank your local police next chance you get. They might be your next hero.

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