The Most Inspiring Police Officers. I’m Hugging The Next Cop I See!

The duty of the police is “to protect and to serve.” And there is a lot of serving being done in communities across America. Cops often go out of their way to show their love of community by helping out their citizens. Some of these gestures are seemingly small, some are unfathomably large, but each one of them is extraordinary in its own unique way. Here are five stories of police that are guaranteed to inspire you.

And next time you see an officer, make sure to thank them; it might just make their day!

Story #1: Glenn Buratti

Glenn Buratti of St. Cloud, FL, is on the autism spectrum. And he just had his sixth birthday which would have been wonderful, if any of his friends had showed up. After nobody in Glenn’s class came to celebrate, Glenn’s mother wrote a harmless post to Facebook that inspired her community to give Glenn a birthday he’d never forget. Local Police orchestrated a helicopter fly-over as well as showing up later in the week with firetrucks and presents! See how his community came together in this uplifting story!

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Story #2: Officer Henwood

Police officer and USMC veteran Jeremy Henwood was no stranger to good deeds. In fact, he was making a difference in his community right up until he was killed in the line of duty. Here is footage of Officer Henwood buying a young boy some cookies right before he met his untimely end, inspiring the young boy to follow his dreams. Rest in peace, Officer Henwood. Your legacy of kindness lives on.

Story #3: Lowell Present Patrol

Christmas is a time of giving and of love. The police department of Lowell, Michigan, knows this and decided to incorporate the spirit of giving into their patrols. After pulling someone over (something that everyone hates), they would make small talk to find out what was on their Christmas list and on the lists of their kids. “This just turned my bad day into a good one,” one woman exclaims. What happens next is beyond moving as these cops brighten people’s lives.

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