Little Girl Gets 2 Amazing Surprises In 1 Day & Her Emotional Reaction Has Us In Tears, Too

Surprises this wonderful don’t come along every day, but this family seems to be on a lucky streak.

Kaydence was overjoyed when her mother gave birth a week early. As a new big sister, she was delighted to visit her mother and meet her new baby brother at the hospital.

It was obvious from the second she saw the little bundle of joy that they had a bond. Kaydence immediately burst into tears.

Source: InspireMore
Source: InspireMore

“He’s beautiful, huh?” Mom asked Kaydence.

All she could do was nod her head while she sobbed.

“He’s so precious!” She eventually managed to squeak out.

Source: InspireMore
Source: InspireMore

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It only took a little encouragement from mom before Kaydence soon started stroking the newborn’s cheek. There’s no doubt that Kaydence will be a wonderful big sister, and that she’s looking forward to the job.

A few moments pass and Kaydence is able to pull herself together. And then, another spectacular surprise.

Source: InspireMore
Source: InspireMore

“There’s somebody else you should meet,” she says quietly,

Kaydence looks up to see a tall soldier coming into the hospital room. It’s her father, home from his tour in Afghanistan a whole 4 months early! The entire family is back together and happy as can be!

Source: InspireMore
Source: InspireMore

“Daddy!” Kaydence cries as she jumps right into her father’s arms. She starts crying again. Can you blame her?

It’s hard not to well up with tears at all that’s going on here — a new baby boy, a surprise family reunion, and a little girl who couldn’t be happier.

Watch the whole video below, take a few minutes to recompose yourself, and share this story with a friend who needs a smile!

This story originally appeared at InspireMore.


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