If You Are “Reading” This

This song by Tim McGraw will touch you where you live.

In the song, McGraw uses the metaphor of a letter, the kind of letter no wife, no family ever wants to receive. It also speaks to how we get through this kind of sacrifice supported by grace and the care of family and friends and our belief that the future is yet to come.

Remember the fallen and the families that soldier on without them.

McGraw told Nashville ABC-TV station WKRN Brett and Brad Warren wrote the song three weeks after reading a magazine article on war casualties in May 2007.

“Not only is it a human being and a solider who has died, but the ripple effect from that… The families that are affected, the children, the wives, the parents, the cousins, the friends,” said McGraw.

McGraw wanted to debut the song on the ACM Awards later in the month, but he also wanted to have some soldiers’ families on stage when he performed it. When he was done performing the song, McGraw took some time to thank the families for being there. He said that one little girl’s question brought him to tears.

“This little five-year-old blonde girl came up and kind of tugged on my shirt and said, you know, ‘you just sang a song about my dad, didn’t you?’”

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