I Love the Stand These Veterans Are Taking! 22 Is An Unacceptable Number

An estimated 22 veterans commit suicide each day. Acknowledging it as too high of a number, veterans from Murfreesboro, Tennessee are taking a stand.

Former United States Marines Joseph Wolf and Matthew O’Dell intend to stand near the Murfreesboro Square on the 22nd day of each month and, with the help of anyone that will join, save lives. They are not asking for money. They ask only that passersby become aware of this issue. Raising awareness is a crucial step in bringing the 22 down to 0. The more people that are aware of this horrible statistic the more emphasis we can put on finding a way to bring that number down to zero.

In the video, Wolf and O’Dell speak candidly about their own bouts with PTSD, depression and suicide. All our veterans deserve to have someone standing with them while they face these issues. So we ask that you do your part in raising awareness to end this horrible problem we face.

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