In The Midst Of A Hurricane, General Orders His Marines To Make A Stand And Fight.

Last year, during the hurricane season, one of those powerful storms went up the East Coast of the United States and came ashore on the coast of North Carolina, in the vicinity of the Marine Base, at Camp Lejeune. This video is about what the Marines did when that fierce storm came ashore.

The story is told by two journalists who asked to be embedded with a military unit to report on what the military can do in times fo natural disaster. It begins with a gentleman explaining that military training is often useful in situations of natural disaster.

Source: YouTube/Business Insider
Hurricane Florence drenched the southern U.S.

As the storm approached, the Commanding General of Camp Lejuene did not give his Marines the order to pull back to safer areas. He was challenged as to why, and he said, “Because we are going to make a stand. We’re going to fight.”

No surprise there to Marines. That’s what they do. It’s their reason for being.

Source: YouTube/Business Insider
The Marines at Camp LeJeune did not evacuate during the hurricane.

The Marines simply got into their trucks and went out into the Jacksonville area around the base and to other small towns, helping in the efforts to evacuate people who had been effected by the heavy winds and rains that the storm brought upon them. The fact of the matter is that Camp Lejeune itself took the full force of the storm and experienced considerable damage to buildings and infrastructure as well.

Source: YouTube/Business Insider
The Marines helped evacuate people to safety.

It is a simple video. There are no heroics, no over the top actions, just Marines going into the storm to help out. I’m sure that Army and Navy personnel helped the local people in the areas around their bases too in similar circumstance. In the end, the story is not about the Marines, it’s about the quality of our nations volunteer military forces. It is a tribute to their character, and their skills.

Enjoy! And feel the pride!

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