USAF Accidentally Airdrops Humvee In Small Neighborhood

Everyone makes mistakes. Just ask the U.S. Air Force.

While transporting a Humane over a neighborhood in Harnett County, the Aviationist reports, the 437th airlift wing based at Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina, dropped their cargo a little earlier than intended. After a brief stint airborne, the palletized Humvee eventually came to rest in the middle of the neighborhood.

Thankfully, no one was hurt, but the USAF is still trying to figure out how the accident happened.

Source: YouTube/AirSource Military
Humvees lined up aboard a C-17.

A load of some kind was released early and we’re looking into how it happened,” Michael Novogradac, a spokesman for the US Army’s Operational Test Command, told ABC 11.

Source: YouTube/AirSource Military
A view of the neighborhood below from thousands of feet up above.

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Along with the Humvee, a “new heavy drop platform,” was also released from the C-17 Globemaster III aircraft.

“Everything went as planned except for the early release,” said Fort Bragg spokesperson Tom McCollum.

Source: YouTube/AirSource Military
Ideally, the Humvees land safely on target.

What to see what a massive airdrop looks like when it goes right? Watch the video below!

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