This Vet Is Raising Awareness For PTSD In The Most Heartwarming Way!

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Ian Michael, along with his friends Gino and Erin Gregenti, has begun a unique project, aimed at helping veterans cope with PTSD. Ian and Gino, who served together in the marines and both suffered from PTSD for over a decade, are visiting VA facilities across the country, hoping to help other vets feel a little less alone by offering them hugs.

So far, Human Hug Project: Hug-A-Vet, has made its way through 7 states and 15 VA hospitals. A visit begins with the group holding cheerful signs in the lobby of the facility that read, “Hug-A-Vet” and “Free Hugs.” While they receive mixed responses, the people who take them up on the gesture frequently express a sense of relief. As they make their way through the hospital visiting patients, they attempt to spread their message to families in waiting areas and among medical personnel as well.

The goal of the project is to demonstrate support for our nation’s veterans. Michael and the Gregentis hope to hug vets in every VA hospital in the country (that’s 155 hospitals!).

Would you like to help vets suffering from PTSD?

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