Former Marine Teaches How To Throw A Punch With Acrylic Nails

We sometimes do things in the name of trends in fashion that don’t necessarily turn out the best for us. One of those is acrylic nails.

Sure, they look fantastic, and if they are done right, they make us feel good about ourselves. Then again, they aren’t necessarily the best option when we have to throw a punch.

When most people think about throwing a punch with acrylic nails on, they think about digging those nails into their skin.

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Although that may be true for some, it isn’t true for those who have been following the TikTok user, @dutchintheusa.

As a former Marine for the Royal Dutch Marine Corps Corps, Robin was quite tough. He was even in an elite unit, but these days, he is teaching us all how to do things that we perhaps didn’t think we were able to do.

Photo: TikTok/dutchintheusa

The video that he shared on TikTok shows us how to throw a punch with acrylic nails, and best of all, to do so without hurting ourselves. Millions of people have watched it.

The video starts out by showing us how much it would hurt if we were to punch with a standard punch in acrylic nails.

Photo: TikTok/dutchintheusa

Robin then goes on to show us various options so that we can pack a punch without hurting ourselves in the process.

Check out the video below:


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