Amazing Troop Drill: How To Clear A (Bath) Room No Matter How Small

“Hey! I’m already in here!”

Soldiers demonstrate a room clear drill for locating insurgents. There are no camera tricks or back doors. 10 soldiers and 1 insurgent all fit inside of a portable. I don’t think I’ve been sardines in a can packed like these soldiers!

“Could someone bring me a new roll of toilet paper? I ran out and I can’t find anymore.”

This video was obviously shot in good fun, but it really demonstrates the level of excellence they expect when conducting such training exercises.

“All right men! Our Number One Priority is to make sure no one inside is going Number Two.”

This really is amazing to watch!

Soldiers in order: SPC Cope, SPC Llewellyn, SPC Laster, SPC Schneider, PV2 Edwards, SGT Boey, SPC Perritt, SPC Day, SPC Jones, SPC Valenzuela. “Insurgent”: SPC Ruiz.. Filmed by SPC Roca.

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