Soldier Travels 22 Hours To Surprise His Wife And Newborn Daughter

National Guardsman John Vorrath was stationed overseas and hadn’t seen his family in months. That was particularly hard on him and his family, since his wife was pregnant with their second child. On top of that, John was missing time with his two-year-old son. Deployments like this happen far too often, with families separated due to service at critical moments in their lives.

The time came for their baby to be due, but John was on the other side of the world from his wife. He had to watch via FaceTime as his wife give birth to their second child. As a surprise to John, during the video call he was slipped a note saying that his request for leave had been approved, and he began the long trip back home to surprise his wife.

After a 22 hour trip, John finally landed in the states and made his way to the hospital to surprise his unsuspecting wife and newborn daughter. Their reunion was tearful and heartwarming!

It gets even better at 1:55 when their two year old son gets to see his dad for the first time since he’s been deployed.

Prepare yourself for this beautiful homecoming video!

Shifting political priorities and economic malaise at home can sometimes make it easy to overlook the thousands of Americans still deployed to dangerous places around the world. With so few serving on behalf of so many, our overseas obligations have turned into a revolving door of deployments, sending our service members on their fourth, fifth, and even sixth deployments. These frequent and extended absences add to the already stressful conditions of combat.

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