Couple Finally Gets Wedding Photos 77 Years Later

98-year-old Royce King and his 97-year-old wife, Frankie, finally got the wedding photos they wanted after 77 years of marriage.

The couple had been content with the small ceremony they had without a photographer back in 1944, but when their hospice workers found out they never had wedding photos, the workers decided to arrange a wedding for the couple’s 77th anniversary.

They gathered a vintage wedding gown, picked out classic hits from the 1940s, and did Frankie’s hair in an up-do. Royce was dressed in his military uniform:

The ceremony took place in the couple’s backyard. It was truly beautiful and special.

Royce covered his eyes until his bride was standing in front of him and got a first look, just like what might happen in a wedding.

According to the Washington Post, Royce and Frankie met each other in high school. They got engaged and Royce was enlisted in the military and Frankie went to college.

After being engaged for 30 months, the couple decided to get married when Royce learned he was to be deployed overseas as an Air Force Pilot in World War II. They had two days to get married before Royce left, so they didn’t even have time to find Frankie a proper gown.

Photo: Pixabay/MabelAmber

Thankfully, Royce returned from the war and the couple went on to have children, grandchildren, and several great-grandchildren.

They don’t regret anything about their wedding, but it’s nice they got to enjoy a special moment and get the wedding photos they never had. Some things are better late than never.

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