This Vet Receives A Big Surprise On Live TV. You’re Gonna’ Want To See This!

Did you know that there an estimated 49,933 veterans are homeless? Did you know that 12% of all homeless adults are veterans? The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans has a website full of statistics like this, each one more alarming than the last. But what can be done about this problem? How can we take care of our veterans so they don’t have to go hungry or sleep in the street? 

This musician came up with a solution to help these American heroes.

Darius Rucker has teamed up with Ret. Lt. General Leroy Sisco of the Military Warriors Support Foundation to give away 11 homes during his “Southern Style” nationwide tour. These homes are all going to American veterans and Rucker decided to kick things off by giving away the first home on the Today Show.

The home went to Specialist Daniel Branham and was a surprise given to him on live television! Branham is also a native South Carolinian, like Rucker, and has a heroic military résumé to back him up.

Check out the video below and watch this veteran’s amazing response of gratitude!

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