Here’s Why The Honor Guard’s Formal Salute Is So Impressive

The title and the duties of Honor Guards, have a long tradition. Each military branch offers this formal salute and to their fallen, either at funerals or on formal, more public occasions to honor the service and sacrifice of those who serve and who have served in the military services, and to those who gave their “their last full measure” in service to the nation.

When there are ceremonies that require proper military pomp and circumstance, the presence and participation of a dignified and disciplined Military Honor Guard brings the appropriate, high level of honor and respect that is due to that ceremony, or to that person.

Source: YouTube/U.S. Army Website Videos
The Military Honor Guard salute is a precise and dignified maneuver.

If you have ever attended a Veterans Day ceremony in honor of all who have served and those who are presently serving, I’m sure you have felt the surge of pride when the flag was raised and the Honor Guard fired the gun salute.

Source: YouTube/U.S. Army Website Videos
This salute is given to those who have died in service to their country.

If you have attended a Memorial Day ceremony at one of our nation’s National Cemeteries, or at a local military cemetery and seen and heard the silence crack with the gun salute and then melt with the playing of taps, you’ve known the impressive weight and drama, the dignity and respect that an Honor Guard illicits, intimately.

Source: YouTube/U.S. Army Website Videos
The Honor Guard is an important part of each branch of the military.

It is my privilege to be a part of a VFW Honor Guard Team. We are not so crisp and agile as the young men you will see in this video, but we know what we are called upon to do for the fallen and their families.

Source: YouTube/U.S. Army Website Videos
It is an honor and a privilege to be part of the Honor Guard.

It is truly a great honor to be able to participate this dignified and respectful duty to our fallen brothers and sisters. It is clear how much it means to their families as well.

Enjoy this short video.

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