This is What Really Fighting Homelessness Looks Like

Homelessness is a real issue across America. Sometimes it seems like the problem is so big that no one can do anything to combat it.

These groups are excited to prove you wrong!

This list features some of our favorite unique initiatives that are helping people overcome homelessness and get into stable living arrangements. We love how originality and a desire to help has made such a big impact for the people benefiting from these programs.


In Seattle, people facing homelessness and income instability have the opportunity to get stable work by selling a homelessness activism newspaper, Real Change. This unique initiative gives people the opportunity to sell a product. It’s hard work, but for many, the Real Change paper is an empowering way to gain a much needed income while providing a service to their communities.

The Veterans Site is a place where people can come together to support our veterans. In addition to sharing inspiring stories, shopping for the cause, and signing petitions, visitors can take just a moment each day to click on the blue button to provide free meals for homeless veterans in need. Visit The Veterans Site and click today - it's free!