Honolulu Woman Provides Free Haircuts to Homeless Vets for the Holidays

Janet Pakula is the owner of Hair We Go, a mobile hair salon that brings a full service salon to your door. She has over 26 years of experience and is well know in her community in Honolulu. This year, she partnered with Institute Human Services (IHS) to provide free haircuts to homeless veterans.

homeless veterans free haircut
Photo: Facebook/IHS, The Institute for Human Services, Inc.

Pakula decided she wanted to help homeless vets this holiday season because of her best friend and grandfather, who are also vets. On Sunday, December 20th, she gave 20 homeless vets complimentary haircuts.

“There’s something very therapeutic and healing with someone grooming you,” said Pakula. “I love to see the transformation both physically and emotionally with these men after a haircut.”

Over the course of the past few years, Hawaii’s number of homeless veterans has dropped almost 10-percent. However, there are still more than 600 vets without homes statewide. Though it may seem like a small act, Pakula and the IHS believe these haircuts will make a big difference in the quality of life for these vets. “You can see their spirits come back to life,” explained Pakula.

homeless veterans free haircuts
Photo: Facebook/IHS, The Institute for Human Services, Inc.

This isn’t the first time Pakual has offered her time and services to those in need. According to IHS, she gave free haircuts to vets in need for three days straight while living in California. To learn more about IHS be sure to check out their Facebook page, and to see more of Pakual’s transformations, explore her Instagram page.

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