A Man In Texas Did The Sweetest Thing For Local Homeless.

According to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, about 12% of homeless people are veterans. It’s important to help the homeless community and Jared Guynes of Addison, TX, had an amazing idea how to do so. After a miscommunication with the pizza place, Jared thought it would be make the day of his town’s homeless if he and some co-workers drove around and gave out free pizzas!

Instead of arguing with the pizza place about the money or anything else, Jared and his co-workers agreed to pay for the pizzas and put them to great use. And they had a good time doing it! “Remember something small to you may be huge to someone else. Love someone for no reason, and we can change the world” great words to live by from no other then Jared Guynes himself.

Check out this heart-warming video.

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