Veteran Returns Home To Find Someone Special Waiting For Him

Veterans sacrifice a lot to serve and protect our country. Many sacrifice their health and well-being. Sadly, so many have sacrificed their lives. And one of the biggest sacrifices that all veterans make – yet one that is too often overlooked – is the sacrifice of time. Time spent away from family. Time spent away from careers. Time spent on the other side of the country or the world and missing out on precious life moments.

For Army Master Sgt. Gerald Keen of Michigan, his third deployment in a decades-long military career sent him to Afghanistan during the past year. He had previously deployed during Desert Storm after joining the Army in 1984 and again a few years ago. This time he missed the wedding of his youngest son and the birth of his second grandchild. Earlier this month, however, he returned home and had a surprise waiting for him at the airport.

When Keen stepped off the airplane, his family was already there to greet him including his new daughter-in-law and his new grandson, Caleb. Also there to great him were family members, friends, and fellow veterans. It was an emotional reunion for everyone, with hugs, cheering, and lots of celebration. Watch the video below for the full homecoming of Army Master Sgt. Gerald Keen meeting his newborn grandson for the first time.

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