Troops Welcomed Home By Their Dogs In Amazing Video Complilation

Any time a service member deploys overseas on a tour of duty, their family and friends hope more than anything that they will return home safe and sound. Many troops’ homecomings are caught on video — creating some of the best, most emotional, and happiest moments anyone could hope to see. And while they can certainly make one appreciate what service members and their families sacrifice for our country, they just as often put a smile on one’s face or a tear in one’s eye.

What could possibly make a military homecoming video better than it already is? When it’s with the kind of family member that is often overlooked — the furry, four-legged kind!

Many service members returning from a long deployment overseas are not only looking forward to seeing the family and friends that they have been away from for so long, but also the pets they had to leave at home while training or on deployment. The video below shows troops’ dogs who missed their owners just as much as they were missed!

This collection of video clips by The Dodo show some of the happiest dogs greeting their military owners with all of the love and excitement that only a dog could show!

Screenshot: YouTube/The Dodo

These have to be the most exciting and joyful military homecomings ever captured on film, and luckily they are all put together in one great video for you to watch over and over again!

Also included with the homecomings are several special dogs with veterans, including a retired military working dog and a service dog who goes to work each day with its veteran-owner. There are also dogs (and one cat!) who help the veteran owners with their PTSD symptoms.

Screenshot: YouTube/The Dodo

It’s impossible to watch this video collection and not get flooded with emotions, but ones of happiness and awe.

Leave it to a dog to show a service member just how much they are loved!

After watching this, click the link below the video to see some cats “welcome” their military owners home after deployment for a good laugh!

Watch this amazing compilation homecoming video below!

Click below to watch how cats have a slightly different reaction to their military owners coming home after deployment!

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