Soldier Returns Home To A Wonderful Announcement

For members of the United States Armed Forces, deployments overseas and tours of duty can seem like they take forever. That’s because they are away from their families and loved ones for months on end, often with very little contact. It’s just one of the many sacrifices the men and women of the military make for their country.

For one soldier deployed overseas, however, the wait for even worse. That’s because his wife had become pregnant just before he was deployed. He told his wife that he wanted to known the gender of their baby as soon as he got home.

She didn’t disappoint him!

All military reunions are special, but you can really feel the emotion and love in this one. And when it comes to surprises at military homecomings, it is usually the service member who is doing the surprising. But this time it was the soldier who had a surprise waiting for him!

While his entire family rushes to greet and hug him, this soldier’s wife has a special announcement to make and that’s where it gets really special.

See their reunion and the big reveal for yourself in the video below!

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