This Holocaust Survivor Vowed To Kiss the Feet of His Rescuer, And He Finally Had the Chance to Do So

Joshua Kaufman was fifteen years old when he was taken and forced into the Dachau Concentration Camp. The rest of his family were taken to Auschwitz. Like many others that were taken to Auschwitz they died during their imprisonment.

So picture Joshua — alone, scared, maybe even feeling hopeless. Until April 29th, 1945, when the U.S. Army liberated Dachau, when Daniel Gillespie pulled Joshua out of a hiding space and told him he was free.

It was soon after that Joshua, as you’ll see in the video, vowed that, should he make it to America, he would hug any American soldier he would come across, he would bow, and he would kiss their feet. And now, seventy years later, he gets to do just that with his rescuer.

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