Service Member’s Marriage Proposal Found In 64-Year-Old Letter On Walmart Floor

It was 1954. Max Holcomb was coming home from the Korean war in two weeks, and couldn’t be more nervous.

He told this to his soon-to-be wife Martha in a letter he wrote while serving with the U.S. Air Force. He also asked her parents for permission to make it official.

Or so, he thought.

Sixty-four years later, Holcomb’s unsent letter was found on the floor of a Walmart in Georgia.

Source: Facebook/Walmart
A Walmart employee found a letter from Max Holcomb to his sweetheart, sent in 1954.

“Take good care of yourself, honey, and stay sweet, and remember I love you,” read National Guardsman Dakota Lovain, the Walmart employee who made discovery. As Fox News reports, that’s when he showed coworker Jennifer Hendrix.

“I was immediately connected from the first line of this I read, and I knew I had to find this family,” she said.

“Take good care of yourself, honey, and stay sweet, and remember I love you.”

Source: Facebook/Walmart
Holcomb was nervous about returning home and asking his girlfriend’s parents for her hand in marriage.

After local TV stations began airing the story, Jason Holcomb, Max’s grandson, got in touch with Lovain and Hendrix.

“I sent him a message through Facebook that he didn’t receive,” Hendrix said. “The message I got back from him immediately was – can you call me? And he left his phone number, and I was very nervous, shaken.”

The author’s descendant was equally as jarred.

“It just blew my mind, my hair stood up on my neck, and I thought surely not,” he said.

Source: Facebook/Walmart
Max and Martha eventually got married, and the two were “inseperable.”

Though the letter never made its way to Martha, or her parents, Max found some other way to accomplish his goal. The two were eventually married and, according to Holcomb, they were “inseparable.”

“They were defiantly selfless people, they were, they always thought about each other before they did anything,” Holcomb said.

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