Homeless Vets Get The Final Dignity They Deserve From An Unlikely Source

Enough with all the bad news. Once in a while it’s good to hear about all of the good things people are doing. A high school in Detroit has formed a team of pallbearers to assist in the funerals of homeless vets and those without families. What an amazing idea for inner city high school kids to come up with. The program started when students were discussing how to better serve their community. It’s great to know that the youth is still focused on how to make the community a better place, after all it will soon be theirs.
“Many people outlive their families or don’t have any one to be with them at their funeral,” said 12th-grader Leonard Froehlich. “We strongly felt that everyone deserved the dignity of having people present at their last moments.”
God bless you, young men.

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