From Here On Out, I’ll Only Think of the Troops When I Hear This Song

In all branches of the military, the terms, “Brother,” and, “Sister” aren’t tossed around lightly. No, they carry much more meaning. Brothers and sisters aren’t only those that you fight for, but those that fight alongside you. And maybe that’s why this tribute and, in particular this song (“Hey Brother” by Avicii) really hits home. Those who have been in combat can tell you how important your brothers and sisters are. This video includes the powerful song as well as a combination of photos and short video clips of our brothers and sisters in combat situations. The lyrics make the images that much more powerful. In other words, don’t be surprised if a few tears are unexpectedly shed.

Watch this beautiful tribute to our troops. While watching please keep in mind that our brave men and women are doing this to protect the freedoms of all Americans. Without their sacrifices we would not be where we are today.

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