An Act of Heroism Prevents This Fire From Being Utterly Devastating

A horrific house fire broke out in Fresno, California recently. As you’ll see in the video below, not only does the fire intensify within minutes, but there seems to be one man still unaccounted for after the initial evacuation. The clock is ticking, his children are panicking and yelling…until one act of heroism prevents the fire from being utterly devastating.

It just comes to show you that not all heroes wear capes, and that heroes can be found all around us. Normal people can do extraordinary things with healthy doses of courage, resolve, compassion, and empathy. And at times, they can save a life.

Who is your hero? Tell us about him/her! Whether it’s someone who literally saved your life or someone whose courage and inner strength inspires you to no ends, anyone can be a hero. Make sure to thank your favorite Superman today!

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