The Rescue Dogs Of 9/11 Saved Hundreds Of Lives. This Is Their Legacy.

The search and rescue dogs that helped with rescue efforts on 9/11 didn’t ask for rewards. These amazing canines searched the rubble of Ground Zero tirelessly for weeks and saved hundreds of lives. As they trained for such search and rescue missions no one ever expected that their mission would be the one it was. These dogs knew they had an important job to do and went right to work trying to find and rescue as many as they could find.

Ten years after the World Trade Center attack, the search and rescue dog community came together to honor these fearless canines with a ceremony at Liberty Park in New York City. The ceremony is just a small token of appreciation that we can all offer them. They got to walk in a parade with their fellow searchers and handlers. It’s safe to say that all of these dogs and others are the reason that many were able to be rescued and for that these pups will be swimming in treats and toys for their days to come.

See the moving parade that paid them tribute in the video below.

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