HeroBox Sends Custom Care Packages To Troops

Hands down, one of the best ways to help support a member of the military while he or she is deployed overseas is to send them a care package. These often include snacks, toiletries, entertainment, clothing and more. Troops on a tour of duty are often forced to go without these things for months on end, and getting that gift from back home can make all the difference in the world.

A nonprofit organization called HeroBox is taking the military care package to a whole new level through their commitment to support service members with both material items and moral support.

What makes HeroBox so unique when compared with traditional care packages? It is the fact that the contents of each care package box is handpicked by the soldier through a request form!

Customized to each soldier’s wishes and wants, the HeroBox provides a small piece of comfort to the soldiers during their time away from family. Realizing that not all soldiers may have a strong support system back home, HeroBox provides a connection to an organization and people that care for each soldier’s well-being.

Learn more below about this awesome organization in the video below!

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