Selfless 8-Year-Old Is Helping Thousands Of Homeless Veterans With ‘Hero Bags’

Tyler Stallings has always considered veterans to be heroes. But, when he was 4 years old, he learned that many are homeless.

It was a hard fact to resolve.

Initially, Tyler wanted to build houses for homeless veterans. His mom helped him narrow down his initiative to something a little more manageable. Today, Tyler has helped nearly 3,000 homeless veterans with a special creation of his own.

Source: YouTube/WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore
Tyler Stallings, creator of the “Hero Bags.”

“Doing something special for veterans began after I started asking my mom why some veterans are homeless,” Tyler states on his GoFundMe page. “After talking to my mom, I really wanted to help build homes for veterans but together we decided on a more realistic goal. We came up with an idea to make hygiene and grooming kits with thank you cards to give to veterans in need. I call them Hero Bags!”

According to CNN, each of Tyler’s “Hero Bags” contain a hat, gloves, a blanket, lip balm, a sweater, toothbrush and toothpaste, soap and other items that are vitally important during the cold winter months.

Source: YouTube/WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore
Tyler’s “Hero Bags” contain items for homeless veterans.

Along with brightening days with his Hero Bags, mother Andrea Blackstone told CNN that Tyler has raised more than $50,000 for veterans in the last four years.

“He buys a lot of merchandise from donations,” Blackstone said. “We go now all the time.”

Along with helping individual veterans, Tyler is helping veteran-focused organizations keep their most popular items stocked, as well.

Source: YouTube/WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore
Teens of thousands of veterans will be homeless this winter, and Tyler is helping many of them.

He’s doing all he can for the veterans, which is a tremendous show of generosity from such a young boy. Tens of thousands of veterans will be homeless this winter, and without the selflessness of people like Tyler, may not have much hope in carrying on.

Source: YouTube/WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore
Someone give this boy a medal!

“Anything people can do to help them with items on their wish lists, that’s where people like Tyler come in,” Blackstone said. “For Tyler, being a part of that community as a superhero has been about raising awareness.”

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