Here’s to the Heroes: A Military Tribute

The Ten Tenors are an Australian music ensemble that has toured world-wide since its formation in 1997.

According to their website, “the group has evolved into a rock-opera touring group, pushing the boundaries of the classical genre and the definition of a tenor.”

In 2006, they released the album “Here’s To The Heroes”, with a song with the same name. The song talks about heroes who have fought the good fight in order for others in their community, either someone close to them or strangers they may never know, to live in a peaceful world.

“Here’s to the heroes who never raised
They are the chosen, we are the blessed
Here’s to the heroes who inside the heart
Here’s to the heroes who do or died”

This video takes that song and turns it into a dedication to the American military.

They were heroes then, and they’re heroes now. Thank you for your service. Thank you for being brave.

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