Patience & Understanding Key To Helping Veterans With PTSD

When a loved one returns from their time overseas, they often have a difficult time assimilating back into their old life. Often, the ones they are hurting are not just themselves. For the couple featured in this video, they have had over a two-year battle with PTSD — but along the way they’ve found ways to get help.

Divita is the girlfriend of an Iraqi veteran. In the video below she opens up about what how they worked together to overcome her boyfriend Leif’s post-traumatic stress, social withdrawal, and irritability.

Listen to her talk about the importance of never giving up and reaching out for help where it’s available. She also talks about her experience as the loved one of a veteran, and the patience and understanding that’s necessary to find healing.

These are essential when trying to help someone overcome their PTSD symptoms, because there’s help for you and your loved ones in whatever type of situation you’re in.

So many veterans come home from tours of duty still carrying the battlefield with them, whether that is in the form of physical injuries, psychological trauma, or disturbing memories. Getting the help that’s needed and having the support to follow through with treatment isn’t always easy, but it is the right thing to do.

Hear her story in the video below.

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