Watch These Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers Plunge Headfirst Into The Unknown

You know that one of the Coast Guard’s duties is to rescue people who get into trouble out at sea. It’s one thing to know, but this video gives you a real good sense of what that takes on the part of the Coast Guard’s elite rescue swimmers.

Imagine what it would be like to jump out of a helicopter, your only connection to safety and your fellow crewmembers, into the roiling immensity of the open ocean with no land in sight. Then imagine contending with the power of the sea to swim through that turmoil toward a struggling victim who is panicking and desperate. Then to get control of the situation, calm the victim enough to get him into the rigging that will pull him up to the hovering helicopter, all while being battered by the powerful downward wash of its rotary blades.

Source: YouTube/Gung Ho Vids
Source: YouTube/Gung Ho Vids

Such work takes a special kind of courage and incredibly refined and practiced skills. These Coast Guard rescue swimmers are a breed unto themselves. Their courage and determination to save the lives of those in trouble at sea has saved countless lives over the years.

The Veterans Site wishes to express its admiration and respect to all who serve as Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers. Thank you for the service you so courageously and selflessly give to the nation.


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