This Teenager Is Hoping To Find His Forever Family Before Time Runs Out

Since he was 12 years old, Haven has been under the custody of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. Now 17, he’s also a member of the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. One day, he wants to join the military, and be “a part of something bigger than myself and to serve my country.”

Until then, he just wants a family.

Haven currently lives in a shelter with four other children, WGN reports. Once he turns 18, he loses a chance to be adopted into a forever family.

Source: Facebook/Brooklynn’s Angels
17-year-old Haven needs to find a forever home before his 18th birthday, or he may never find one at all.

In his group home, Haven doesn’t get as much independence as he would like. He is working toward earning his driver’s license, though, and hopes that will bring him just a little bit closer to his dream.

“I’d probably like to travel the world, but the Army probably helps with that,” he told WGN.

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Haven says he wants some stability in his life, and a kind family who will help guide him into adulthood.

Haven understands the importance of role models in his life.

“So you can have someone to help you, like be there for you if you need help. Not just going into it all blind because that’s how you get into drugs and bad stuff like that,” he said.

Source: Pexels
Haven has his driver’s permit, and is working toward getting his driver’s license.

He’s not getting picky, though. He’s just looking for “anyone who will take me.”

“I don’t really care. As long as it’s a family that will show love for me and be there for me,” he said.

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