Program Lets Kids Turn Their Halloween Candy Into Cash To Help Our Troops

Although it is the trick-or-treat season, this treat does not include a trick. It is the Halloween Candy Buyback Program that allows kids to turn candy into cash by taking the sweet treats to a participating dentist or business. Those businesses buy candy from kids and donate the treats to be used in care packages for US troops. A candy collection operation for the community can also be organized by groups that register.

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Terrified by the amount of candy that will be soon be entering your house? Don't be! I've collaborated with over a dozen fellow dietitians to share how we handle Halloween night and the massive amount of candy. If you need strategies and suggestions, then I have the post for you! From Switch Witch to buy backs to parenting through to Halloween dinner strategies to donating to the troops and more, you’re sure to ease any anxiety and come up with some great ideas for your family. . Know a friend who is wondering how to handle the Halloween haul? Be sure to tag them!! Grab the blog link in my profile or in my stories. . . . . . . . . . . . #halloweencandy #dietitianapproved #switchwitch #candybuyback #leftovercandy #halloweencandy #dietitiansofig #operationgratitude #noncandyhalloween #halloweennight #halloweencandybuyback

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There is still time to register at this point and when you do, you are agreeing to buy the candy for coupons, food, services, goods, toys, or, of course, cash. The candy is sent to Operation Shoebox or Move America Forward in Bellevue, Florida. Other groups also get involved. Those nonprofit organizations put the packages together and ship them to servicemembers.

The buyback program has been around since 2005 and thousands of pounds of Halloween candy are shipped to troops. It also helps to keep the kid’s teeth intact.

If you are looking for a way to get rid of the excess candy (and calories), this is one option.

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