The Very Talented Josh Groban Belts Out This Beautiful Song For Our Wounded Warriors

Nothing like an inspiring performance on our nation’s birthday to make you feel amazing, wishful, and humbled all at the same time. Thankfully, this performance is one of those.

This is Josh Groban’s tribute to our wounded warriors; he sung it at the Capitol Fourth celebration in 2011.

The song “War at Home” was written by Groban and dedicated to our wounded warriors, those who were injured while serving and protecting our country.

In the audience were dozens of the wounded being cared for at Walter Reed Hospital.

It’s a beautiful song on a beautiful 4th of July evening in the nation’s capital. Groban does an amazing job with this performance and his voice can be so moving and emotional, that it is almost heavenly.

If you’ve never seen this performance, give it a watch. We promise you will be memorized by Groban’s voice and the lyrics to this beautiful song.

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