Man Finds His Grandpa’s Lost WWII Army Band Recordings And People Think They’re Good Enough To Win An Award

It’s always nice to have a little piece of history from our family, and nobody knows this better than Jason Burt. He knew that his grandfather, Richard Burt, was a musician, so he went looking for some old recordings.

According to a story on CBS Sacramento, Richard was in the Philippines during World War II and he was also in an Army band.

It took some digging, but Jason was eventually able to find the old records and it was a little piece of history that he really appreciated. He shared photos of his grandfather and the records in a Facebook post about the Grammy nomination.

Photo: Facebook/Jason Burt

According to the outlet, Jason said: “It was the most amazing feeling because it’s just a piece of history. It’s 75 years old. You don’t expect it to work 75 years later. These guys were in a war zone when they were recording themselves in a performance tent.”

Photo: YouTube/goodnewsnetwork

As it turns out, Jason’s grandfather was quite a musician and he took his talent even further after he got back from the Philippines. He went on to be a band teacher at a school in West Sacramento and studied at Julliard.

Now that Jason has his grandfather’s music, he wants to get the word out so as many people can hear it as possible.

The Good News Network quoted Jason about how extraordinary his grandfather’s skills were, especially for a young man. He listened to the music, and when the last song ended, he knew he had a mission.

Photo: YouTube/goodnewsnetwork

Jason got in touch with some of the best sound engineers in the music industry to produce a full-length album. It is being paired with a nine-minute historical film of the band as they practiced in the Philippines. He now wants his grandfather to receive a Best Historical Album Grammy nomination in 2022.

If you would like to hear this piece of history for yourself, you can download the album from the 746th Band Website.

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