Grandson Takes Grandfather Into the Wild Blue Yonder One More Time

This video will lift your spirits in more ways than one.   

It’s a story about a grandson’s love for his grandfather. It’s also a story about the love of flying and love of country. But most importantly, it is a story about a new Air Force pilot’s respect and honor for his grandfather who flew as a fighter pilot in WWII.

The grandpa is 92 years old. The grandson is a young man who just graduated top in his class at the U.S. Air Force flight school. 

Source: YouTube/USA TODAY
Images from WWII show a much younger, but just as courageous, pilot.

One can see the pride that the gramps has for his grandson here, but you also get the sense of how important the grandfather is to this newly-minted Air Force pilot. 

This young man clearly grew up on the stories of his grandfather’s combat missions over Europe in WWII and now he wants to serve his country in the same way. He looks so young, almost too young. But it is clear that this young man has learned some very important things from his grandfather. 

The love between them is self-evident.  

Source: YouTube/USA TODAY
Grandfather and grandson prepare for one more very special flight.

Watch the two of them go for a flight together. This is a great story of love of family and love of country. 


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