His Father Surprises Him Moments After He Makes His Graduation Speech.

When you’re serving overseas and you are a parent of a child or teenager, one of your biggest concerns is that while you are doing your job, you will miss out on some of the milestone moments of your child’s life.

Thankfully, for this soldier, not only was he able to return home for a big moment in his son’s life, but he was able to make it one of the best moments in his son’s life.

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Jamie Schott was able to fly home, after serving for a time in Kuwait, for his son Nick’s graduation, unbeknownst to Nick.

Shortly after Nick delivers a speech about the importance of military service to his classmates, his dad appears on stage and watching the expression on Nick’s face shows that it was a wonderful surprise.

Watch the results; you won’t be able to help being moved.

Watch the results; you won’t be able to help being moved.

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