Heartrending Stories Show Why It’s So Important To Observe Gold Star Spouses Day on April 5

This is for anyone whose loved one did not come home. Anyone to whom has been delivered the tragic news of a spouse killed in action, or whilst otherwise serving for the United States military.

Gold Star Spouses Day is observed on April 5. The pain they have endured is immeasurable, so our reception of their losses should comfort them on this revered occasion. On this day, they support each other, they raise awareness of others feeling the same loss, and on this day, we support them.

Being a Gold Star wife, I am grateful for the many people who have reached out to me to offer their support and words of encouragement,” Tasha Sprovtsoff, ambassador for the EOD Warrior Foundation, told US Veterans Magazine. “It’s especially important for people to support each other through such charities and movements when tragedy strikes. We all help one another to get through things.”

Source: U.S. Army
The Gold Star represents enlisted military members who have died during their service.

In September 2011, Sprovtsoff was just months away from giving birth to her second child with her husband Nicholas when she received the news. Nicholas had been killed in action wile serving in the military.

Today, she helps other Gold Star Wives find physical, social, and emotional support, along with financial relief and scholarship opportunities, as board member of the EOD Warrior Foundation.

Source: U.S. Army Reserve
Gold Star Spouses are recognized on April 5.

According to the U.S. Army, the significance of the Gold Star dates back to 1947, when Congress approved the design, manufacture and distribution of the official Gold Star Lapel Button to be worn by the next of kin of service members killed in World Wars I and II. A lapel button was designed in 1973 to commemorate active duty Soldiers who died in non-combat operations.

Source: flickr/Sam Craig
The U.S. Army currently maintains a list of more than 78,000 Gold Star spouses.

The Army currently recognizes more than 78,000 Gold Star spouses. Through its Army Survivor Outreach Services, Gold Star spouses are connected to nonprofit organizations and non-governmental organizations for supportive counseling, financial education, benefits coordination, and support groups.

Source: National Guard
The military will direct Gold Star spouses to helpful resources for emotional and financial assistance, if needed.

The Gold Star has stood as a symbol of military losses for more than 60 years. It will continue to recognize those losses for decades to come, until humans are no longer required in military operations.

That day may never come, but until then, we can remind these spouses, they are not forgotten.

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