University Giving Free Tuition To Children, Spouses Of Fallen Troops

The University of Memphis will no longer be charging any tuition to the children and spouses of fallen or wounded service members, starting in the fall semester of 2018. The gift to Gold Star families comes through a partnership with the Folds of Honor scholarship.

The Folds of Honor organization was founded in 2007 to “provide educational scholarships to spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled service-members.” In 2017, Folds of Honor awarded 2,416 higher education scholarships to students around the country.

While lots of colleges and universities accept the Fold of Honor scholarships for children or spouses of fallen and disabled veterans, those scholarships max out at $5,000 — significantly less than the cost of college tuition. The University of Memphis is setting an example by being the first university to accept that scholarship as “payment-in-full” for recipients.

Pixabay/rainesUMD — Students at the University of Memphis will soon have a new opportunity for a full-ride scholarship.

“We would not exist as a country without the service and sacrifice of so many who defend our freedom,” University President M. David Rudd said in a statement. “The families are serving as well, and the loss of a parent or spouse presents a huge hardship, emotionally and financially. The University of Memphis is committed to cover any gap that exists and to relieve these families of that burden.

“The hope is that other universities will follow, helping the University of Memphis establish a national consortium committed to recognizing the remarkable contributions and sacrifices of our men and women in uniform.”

U.S. Air Force/Airman Sadie Colbert — A folded flag sits on a casket during ceremonial funeral training at Ellsworth Air Force Base.

Reportedly, the average cost of tuition at the University of Memphis is $9,700 a year. That doesn’t take into account the other expenses, such as textbooks and housing. Folds of Honor’s mission is to help Gold Star families afford education, and the University of Memphis is partnering with them to make up for the additional costs that the scholarship doesn’t cover.

Spouses and children of fallen or disabled service members can find out more about scholarship opportunities and apply for assistance online through Folds of Honor.

Donations can be made to the Folds of Honor scholarship fund on the University of Memphis website.

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