Listen To Celine Dion Sing One Of The Best Versions Of This Classic American Anthem

Celine Dion may very well be one of the best singers on the planet. Or at the very least, one with a voice almost everyone knows and loves. And this time, she is singing one of the most iconic American songs that has brought emotion to so many servicemen and women.

It is simply Celine Dion, God Bless America, and a contingency of our proud military. Her strong voice and its emotional tone will raise the hair on the back of your neck. It is a simple song, but its words open up the wonder and the beauty of this nation and why it is worth preserving. It is our unity that makes us strong.

Yes we are all different, but we believe in eternal and transcendent things like home, and life, and liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These are the things that we have been blessed with and which we must all together protect.

Check out the video below and prepare to be blown away by the sheer power and emotion of this woman’s incredible voice.

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