You Might Be Able to Guess What’s inside the Giant Box, but Mom’s Reaction Is Priceless

What’s in the box??? What’s in the box!?!?!?!

This really is the cutest surprise ever! Mommy had no idea that she was getting her son back!

But let’s think about this for a minute: how does one go about planning this wonderful surprise? Well, you need to inform someone that you are coming home and you want to surprise your loved ones.

Then you need to go find a box big enough for you to fit into to. Sometimes that is easy, sometimes not so much. I wonder if these families have a big box already or do they have to go out and get a big box for the military person to come out of?

Then of course comes the wrapping of the box so it looks like a big present. That can not be easy when a human being is in the box.

Y’know, I might be overthinking this one…

Watch and share the joy!

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