I Bet The Troops Love Thin Mints!

Every year Americans get excited for Girl Scout cookies. Not only is it hard to say no to such adorable salespeople, but the cookies themselves are amazing! We have our personal favorites; thin mints, tagalongs, samoas… and it makes sense that the people who serve our country ALSO love Girl Scout cookies. Those serving in the military look forward to getting them in care packages every year. Which is how the Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee came up with their brilliant idea!

These Girl Scouts gave people the option to purchase boxes of cookies that would be donated to the troops deployed out of Fort Campbell as well as purchasing boxes for personal consumption.

Here they are receiving their massive shipment of cookies to Fort Campbell.


The soldiers who were still in Tennessee…


…and the spouses of deployed soldiers were among those who helped with the gigantic project.


And they put these notes on boxes before they shipped them out!


Make sure to watch the whole video at WKRN-TV Nashville. The Girl Scouts were able to meet their goal and send “a taste of home” to the those still deployed in dangerous places overseas. You can do the same and donate a care package to deployed troops. Let them know you care!

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