It’s Official: We’ve Given Away Our One Millionth Pizza in Ukraine!

It’s a momentous occasion for GreaterGood, Greater Good Charities, Siobhan’s Trust, and all of the amazing volunteers and donors who have helped make this moment a reality! We’re excited to announce that we have officially cooked and distributed our one millionth pizza in Ukraine!

The war in Ukraine has been actively destroying homes, buildings, and important infrastructure in the country since February of 2022. Many people have been displaced from their homes or have been left with intermittent access to power, water, and other vital resources. Bottlenecks and breaks in the supply chain have led to shortages of food and other imported items. In some areas, bridges and roads have been destroyed, leaving people stranded and rescue crews unable to provide assistance.


Our partners with Siobhan’s Trust and Greater Good Charities arrived on the ground in Ukraine in March of 2022, the very month after the invasion occurred, and immediately started helping provide hot meals and other supplies to the people most in need of them. They’ve traveled to various parts of the country, including some dangerous locations close to the Russian-occupied territories – always with smiles on their faces – to make sure that as many people as possible are provided with nutritious food.

Recently, with the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam and nearby power station, thousands of people were left without power and stranded in flooding conditions. As they waited for power to be restored, our teams brought freshly cooked pizzas and meal boxes out to their individual homes by way of boat. Our volunteers have been unstoppable in their pursuit to bring food to hungry people.


As of early July, 2023, we have officially cooked our one millionth pizza for the people of Ukraine! That’s one million hot and hearty meals for people who might otherwise have had to go without.

These one million pizzas, cooked in hundreds of “pizza parties” across war-torn Ukraine, have been more than just food for hungry mouths. They have bolstered the spirits of people traumatized by fighting and catastrophe. They have offered a sense of camaraderie, hope, and celebration amidst a time of devastation. They have shown the Ukrainian people that the rest of the world is here for them and will continue to support them. For many, these pizzas have been a source of inspiration and strength.


We are so proud to have been a part of this important endeavor, and we won’t stop helping those in need in Ukraine for as long as we’re needed there. Here’s to another million pizzas!

Thank you to all those who have made this amazing accomplishment of one million pizzas possible! We absolutely could not have done this without generous donors like you. Click below to see how you can continue to support this mission!

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