An Amazing Homecoming Surprise Takes This Serviceman’s Teenage Son Off Guard!

Chief Warrant Officer Kristian Denkins has been serving his fifth tour in Afghanistan his family was contacted about a nice gesture that was available for them to take part in.

His family was told that they’d be able to watch a special video of him during a play-break at a Florida Gators game.

The whole Denkins family are huge Gators fans and were excited to participate in this beautiful showing of their father. They arrived on game day and during halftime, came out onto the field and showed their support for their father.

However, like all good videos like this one, everything is not as it seems. Officials with the University of Florida, the military, those in charge of running the football game, members of the media, CWO Denkins and his wife had an amazing surprise in store for their kid.

Even his teenage son couldn’t help but cry!

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