Gary Sinise’s Newest Project Focuses On Children Of Fallen Heroes

Gary Sinise, the actor, musician, and tireless supporter of military personnel and veterans, is at it again, this time coming to the aid of children who have lost a parent in the military. In honor of the sacrifice they have made and the loss they have suffered, Sinise and his charitable foundation are trying to bring some comfort and joy into the lives of Gold Star children.

The Gary Sinise Foundation was created by Sinise in 2011 to support military personnel, veterans, and their families through various projects and programs ranging from entertaining the troops with the Lt. Dan Band to building modified homes for disabled veterans. In 2017, the Gary Sinise Foundation took over the Snowball Express program, an organization which helps the children of Gold Star families.

Sinise announced to Fox & Friends that, in December, he will be taking all the kids in the Snowball Express program to Disney World. He said there are around 1,500 children involved, as well as all of their parents/guardians, and they will all be given the trip to Disney World together.

U.S. Air Force/Airman 1st Class Adam R. Shanks — Gary Sinise takes a photo with youth during a Lt. Dan Band performance at MacDill Air Force Base.

Gary Sinise told Fox & Friends that his organization is making the trip possible “to show them our love and to remind them that we care and to express our gratitude and appreciation for their sacrifice.” He added, “They each lost a parent — a mother, a father — in the war, and we can’t forget these folks.”

The actor and musician is best known for his role as disabled Vietnam veteran Lt. Dan Taylor in the film Forrest Gump. He has worked with disabled veterans and military personnel for decades, has gone on countless USO tours around the world to entertain the troops, and, in 2011, founded the Gary Sinise Foundation.

U.S. Air Force/Airman Alexis Grotz — Gary Sinise is joined on stage by children from Moody Air Force Base.

The Foundation’s programs include building and modifying homes for wounded veterans, providing mobility devices and adapted vehicles for veterans, and taking WWII veterans to the National WWII Museum in New Orleans, as well as to the Lt. Dan Band. Now, with the addition of the Snowball Express program, the Foundation is helping the families and children of fallen service members.

Sinise admitted to Fox & Friends that taking thousands of children and their guardians to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, will be an expensive undertaking, but that was inconsequential to him.

“The cost of freedom is very high — it’s evidenced in military cemeteries all over the world — and these are the kids that stay behind,” he said.

Listen to Gary Sinise talk about the program in this video!

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