Wounded Veteran Finds Healing In Kayaking

Army Sgt. Ryan Major is an Iraq War veteran and a double amputee. Like so many other brave members of the United States Armed Forces, Major volunteered to serve in the military, risking and ultimately sacrificing for his country and its freedoms.

After the injuries he suffered in Iraq, Sgt. Major had a lot to deal with. Facing a new life in the civilian world as a wounded veteran, he had extensive physical therapy to go through, not to mention learning how to do his daily activities as a double amputee. But Major also had emotion struggles to get through, having lived through something so traumatic.

It was a long road towards recovery. In fact, it turned out to be more of a long river to recovery!

In this great video you can watch his emotional story of how he fought through his physical and emotional pain and channeled his energy into an untraditional but amazing form of physical and emotional therapy — kayaking — which has helped him heal.

Check out this amazing video of Sgt. Ryan Major below!

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