Four Daughters Get The Surprise Of Their Lives During Elementary School Graduation

Four daughters in Missouri received the surprise of their lives during an elementary school graduation. Their father returned home early from deployment in Japan and decided to surprise his daughters on their special day. And it was magical.

The whole crowd stood to give the returning sailor a standing ovation. The girls then knew he was home and safe and had no intentions of letting dad go anytime soon.

After the reunion the cameras catch up with the family to get their thoughts on the homecoming surprise. One of his daughters brings up the fact she feels complete again, stating that most kids have their mom and dad there everyday to hug or come to other school functions. She does understand her father’s commitments to the military and what that means for the family, but she is just happy to have him home.

The family is back together and will not be separated again anytime soon!

Check out the video below to watch this incredibly heartwarming surprise.

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