Watch in Awe As America’s Ace Pilots Show Off their Flight Skills

Take a few minutes and enjoy the flying skills of our military pilots and the intimidating power of some of the fighter jet platforms they fly. Some of these videos appear to have been planned, others seem to be pure exhilaration. Some are from Iraq and Afghanistan, some are navy, and some seem to be pilots showing the delicate abilities of their fighters and their own highly developed skills.

One thing is for sure, these powerful fighters, were made for speed and extreme control. They are in the hands of some nervy pilots, but it doesn’t take much to imagine what it would be like for the enemy to see one of these coming at them up-close-and-personal.

Not long ago I read about a fighter pilot who did a maneuver like this in Iraq in an effort to help British Special Ops members on the ground. It was at night and he could not get a sharp enough fix on his fellow troops to drop his ordinance, or to strafe. So he got some altitude and dropped down rapidly to develop enough speed to create a sonic boom when he pulled up from the dive.

It was the only thing he could think of doing to help his soldiers on the ground. Remember, this was at night so he had to do this on instruments, watching his altimeter and his speed.

Long story short, it worked. He created a sonic wave that was not only loud but, shall we say, moving. The troops on the ground reported back to him immediately that it worked. The enemy had retreated, giving the Americans time to get out of the killing zone.

This will, at least, give you some thrills and some respect for our fighter jockeys.

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